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Since 2004, Tuttobene has organised collaborative presentations for talented and innovative designers in Europe, the United States and Asia. Tuttobene encourages and works with designers who aim to develop their international ambitions. In 2015, Tuttobene will work with curators, collectives and individual designers to create a dense & diverse group presentation.


Tuttobene will intensify its focus on group presentations by combining and selecting curators, design collectives and individual designers. The international ambitions that exist within these three divisions of the design field will strengthen the ambition of all the participants involved.

2014’s theme ‘Meet & Matter’ put the focus on design objects as conversation starters. Tuttobene mainly functions as an intermediary between creative talents, the industry and the market. ‘Meet & Matter’ emphasised the encounters between the designers and their audience, as the personal stories behind a design shape the relationship one develops with an object. Real-life encounters and getting to know a designer define the role an object plays in various contexts. Moreover, sharing experiences influence and add meaning to the ways in which designs are being regarded. ‘Meet & Matter’ will also form a main motif within Tuttobene’s exhibition in 2015.


Like last year, Tuttobene will again host a shop at its presentation venue. This will give both participating and other designers the opportunity to sell their objects.

As Milan is approaching, we’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of the largest Dutch design magazines: Gimmii Magazine voor (dutch) design, interieur en inspiratie. Expect exciting coverage on the Salone, our designers and our exhibition shortly!


We are proud to announce our location for this year’s Salone! Meet & Matter 2015 will take place at Officine della Torneria, Via Novi 5, in the heart of Zona Tortona. Only 2 minutes from Porta Genova we have found a beautiful spot with heigh ceilings, plenty daylight and enough space to host beautiful design and their designers.



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Download press package of the 2014 Milan edition here

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